Special gears

As extraordinary ideas never follow standards, the special gears of Chemnitzer Zahnradfabrik are not listed in a catalogue.

Our gears are adapted to the particular case of application for helical, worm or bevel gears and can easily combine all of them. Any possible applications of mechanical engineering, whose sophisticated concepts do not allow the use of a standard gears, can be solved by us (within a drive torque range of up to 10,000 Nm). Integrated switchable couplings extend the field of application.

Our construction engineers support you:

  • in the selection of the drive concept
  • in the calculation and optimisation of gearings, shafts and bearings
  • with comprehensive opportunities of CAD data exchange during project development

Depending on the particular requirements, this includes:

  • the load-dependent gearing optimisation
  • efficiency measurement
  • the analysis of vibrations and noises
  • the optimisation of strengths and weight

Our service range:

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