The company history


Company foundation under the name of "Bernhard Glaess Drehmaschinen", Chemnitz

1911Glaess employs 325 workers and employees.

The product range includes different types of turning machines in which hobbed change gears are used for the first time.

Expropriation, nationalization and renaming in "Drehmaschinenwerk Chemnitz"

1955During communism, the company is renamed in the VEB Fahrzeuggetriebewerke "Wilhelm Friedel" Karl-Marx-Stadt - simultaneous incorporation of the company in the IFA-Kombinat Nutzfahrzeuge.

Restructuring to manufactur gear parts and gears for commercial vehicles


After German reunification, the company is renamed in Chemnitzer Zahnradfabrik an transformed into a trust company.

The company can look back at many years of experience in the vehicle gear manufacturing and has thus acquired an outstanding qualification by manufacturing sophisticated and highly precise gear parts. This qualification has opened new markets after the German reunification. 



Development and manufacturing of special gears in accordance with customers requirements as well as production of individual gear parts


Moving to new factory building in Gruena outside of Chemnitz.