CZF hydraulic motor gearbox

The CZF hydraulic motor gearbox is a single-stage helical slip-on gear for hydraulic motors of different manufacturers whose flange and shaft dimensions correspond to the ones of the 2-hole flange model of the Danfoss-OMP/OMR series in the connection dimensions.


  • high torques and smoother running
  • low slip oil quantities in comparison to hydraulic motor direct drives of the same series, especially in case of ageing motors
  • generously sized bearings
  • quick-response drive thanks to low centrifugal moment

Fields of application:

  • construction machines
  • special-purpose vehicles
  • cranes and transport means
  • machines for agriculture and forestry
  • machine tools
  • machines for woodworking and textile industry
  • machines for packaging and plastics industry
  • ship equipment